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Residential Services: Get a Membrane Roof for Your Edmonton Home

Your home is your refuge from the elements—the building that gives you shelter from the heat in the summer and keeps you warm and dry during the winter. It’s also likely to be the largest purchase you will make in your life. That’s what makes it so distressing when you experience issues with your roof. Water coming into your home is unpleasant, and it can cause issues like rot, mould and electrical problems. With a membrane roof, Edmonton homeowners can rest assured that J & D Independent Roofing Inc. is protecting their investment.

Membrane roofing is an effective system that moves water off the roof. Houses with flat roofs need membrane so they can be shingled in order to keep them dry all year round.

We can do preventative maintenance on your roof before the winter hits to ensure that you’re well protected from the harsh elements. If you find that your roof is leaking, we can also provide roof repairs and roof replacement in Edmonton. Contact J & D Independent Roofing Inc. to find out more.

Protect Your Investment

Your property is your most valuable asset! Our roofs can help to preserve it.

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