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Commercial Services: Get a Flat Roof in Edmonton

Without a sturdy roof, your business can grind to a halt. Leaks will project a negative image to your clients, cause inconvenience, and damage your stock. In the long run, an improperly constructed roof will severely damage the building itself, causing mould, rot, electrical issues and more. All of this can be avoided with an effectively constructed flat roof. Edmonton business owners rely on J & D Independent Roofing Inc. to protect their valuable assets. We provide commercial roofing in Edmonton, including built-up roofing and SBS roofing.

If you’re experiencing roof issues but don’t want to completely replace the structure, we also do repair work. Furthermore, we offer a preventative maintenance program. We can inspect your roof and catch any developing issues before they become serious problems. It’s possible to have leaks that you haven’t noticed yet are doing damage to your property. We can catch these issues and repair the roof before the damage becomes more severe.

We serve commercial clients throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. Contact us today!

Your property is your most valuable asset! Our roofs can help to preserve it.

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