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SBS Torch on roof

SBS Torch-On Roofing: Edmonton’s Waterproof Roof

When you get an SBS torch-on roofing system from J & D Independent Roofing Inc., your investment will be protected like never before. With SBS torch-on roofing for your Edmonton property, the roofing material is applied directly to the top of your building. We use a torch to fuse the membranes together and create a waterproof seal.

Benefits of an SBS torch-on roofing system for your Edmonton facility include:

  • The heated seams create a seal as strong as the body and provide excellent waterproofing.
  • Any concerns about leaking are eliminated.
  • Breaks are easily found and quickly repaired.
  • The roofing system resists expansion and contraction.
  • The roofing system reflects damaging UV rays.
  • The roofing system resists weather, decay, animals and debris.
  • Value is added to your facility.

The SBS torch-on roofing system is a popular choice for commercial facilities, industrial buildings, or anywhere with a flat roof. Contact J & D Independent Roofing Inc. to learn more about this outstanding system.

Protect Your Investment

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